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Quel Plaisir

Liver chestnut, *2014, 169cm, Oldenburger Breeder: Zuchthof Up’n Sande, Bakum Owner:
Dressurpferde Leistungszentrum Lodbergen
Approved for:

Oldbg., Westph., all South German Associations

Insemination fee:

300 Euros + in-foal fee: 500 Euros


With the rare and desired coat color of a chocolate-chestnut awaits the absolutely typical Quantensprung-son Quel Plaisir. In his pedigree follw the Oldenburg Pik Bube I-son Placido, the Holstein Corlando and the two Trakehner Kompass and Magister.

Quantensprung Quando-Quando Quattro B
Donna Laura Donnerhall
Majena Placido Pik Bube I
Verb.Pr.St. Marionett Corlando

Breeding performance

The father Quantensprung won the bronze medal at the World Championships of five-years-old dressage horses in 2015. From his first foal-year, he was able to present seven licensed stallion. Three of them were premium stallions at the Hanoverian licensing.

The mother Majena also brought the mare Damajena (by De Niro), from which, in pairing with Bretton Woods, the licensed stallion Beniro comes from.

Marija ,the full-sister of the grandmother Verb.Pr. mare Marionette, has become grandmother of the licensed stallion First Promise through her daughter Mirija.

The half-sister Markana has brought the Inter II horse Day and Night/Bianca Ramcke.
The great-grandmother St.Pr./El. mare Markante was, as a three-years-old, the winner of the European Mare Show in 1985 in Brussels.

With the Trakehner Kompass and Magister as well as the thoroughbred More Magic xx some stallion legends are standing in the falling dam line of Quel Plaisir.

From the Oldenburger family of Majorin III origin the stallions Cabinett, Clever and Smart, Compagnon, Friedo, Fugato, Gordius, Inpello, Lindgren and Lurioso as well as the internationally successful jumping horses Cat Ballou/Heinrich-Hermann Engemann, Santander S/Angelica Augustsson/SWE and Atlantis/Sven Schlüsselburg.




Quel Plaisir 2017

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