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The Seifert couple's passion for horses led to a lot of driving back and forth between  Darmstadt and Oldenburg during the 1960's. Whenever they had vacation, they stayed at the Riding Club Löningen-Böen-Bunnen to further their learning in the art of riding. But at some point, they had had  enough of all this driving back and forth with a dog, cat and bird in the car and two horses on a trailer. So they looked for a house – and found a romantic cottage that was in need of renovation in Löningen-Bunnen.

It was only in the middle of the 1970's that the horses could move into the meanwhile renovated stables. The Seifert couple followed in 1980's after restoring the cottage and turning it into a truly beautiful home.

Today around five broodmares and their foals are boarded in Bunnen. The stallions and riding horses stay at the stallion station in Lodbergen which is just a kilometer away.


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