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Terms and Conditions

of the EU Stallion Station of Dressurpferde Leistungszentrum Lodbergen GmbH, abbreviated DLZ (D-KBP 101 EWG)

The following general terms and conditions apply to all contracts for the delivery of semen concluded from 01.02.2022.

Duration of the Breeding Season

The breeding seasons begins on February 1 and ends on August 1 of each year.

Ordering Semen

Semen orders can be made by telephone, facsimile or in text form, in particular using the form provided by the DLZ. The order is to be placed no later than 10.00 a.m.!

Telephone 0049-5432- 595946-0, facsimile 0049-5432- 595946-99, form:

When ordering semen, the following information must be given:

  • Desired stallion
  • Complete name and address as well as telephone numbers of the mare owner
  • Exact shipping address if the address deviates from the address of the mare owner
  • Information concerning the mare (Name/Life Number/copy of pedigree/age)

The delivered semen may only be used exclusively for the mare registered!

  • Membership number of the breeding association where the covering is to be registered
  • Veterinarian with complete address

Due to the alteration of the performance test regulations for stallion, we need to point out the fact that the breeding with our stallions is the responsibility of the breeder until the stallions have completed their full performance test. Of course the DLZ is making their best effort to get the needed verifications, but there is no guarantee.

Breeding Certificates

The breeding certificates have to be submitted to the DLZ with the first semen order.

Stud fee for fresh semen deliveries

The EU insemination station Lodbergen practices a breeder-friendly stud fee splitting, i.e. instead of the stud fee being due in full upon delivery of the semen and possible crediting possibilities in case of non-pregnancy, the following two-part system applies:

1. The first part of the stud fee, the insemination fee, when ordering fresh semen from each of our stallions, applies for the entire duration of the breeding season and must be paid by all breeders. This fee covers the expense of collecting and preparing fresh semen as well as a percentage of costs for marketing and administration.

There is no right to any credits or discounts on the insemination tax. The insemination tax is due with the first delivery of semen. Not included in the insemination tax are the costs for EU certificate, semen shipment and veterinary costs as well as boarding costs.

2. The second part of the stud fee, the "in-foal fee", is only due if the mare is assumed to be pregnant on October 1 in the year in which the semen is delivered. Relevant is the pregnancy on the 60th day after the last insemination.

The proof of non-pregnancy is to be provided by the breeder with a written certificate from the treating veterinarian without being asked and sent to Dressurpferde Leistungszentrum Lodbergen GmbH, Zum Jägereck 2, 49624 Löningen, Telefax +49 5432 59594699, E-Mail by September 30 at the latest (date of receipt of the proof).

If there is no veterinary proof of non-pregnancy referring to the 60th day after the last insemination at the latest, the in-foal fee is automatically due. This also applies if proof of non-pregnancy is provided for a later date.

3. In the case of embryo transfer, the full stud fee will be due for each embryo successfully implanted. If an embryo transfer is planned, we must be informed in advance and the rinsing protocol must be sent immediately.

4. In principle, there is no right to several portions of semen per oestrous cycle, but will be made if possible. Delivery of orders will be made in the order of receipt.

5. Semen shipped abroad must always be paid in advance.

For mares reported as not in foal, no breeding certificate will be issued and no report of the covering/insemination will be made to the respective breeding associations.


In accordance with the reform of European VAT law and the OSS (One-Stop-Shop) reporting pro- cedure, which has been effective since July 1, 2021, from now on all cover fees and transport costs will be understood as net prices and thus plus the VAT rate applicable at the place of deli- very. In Germany, this is currently 7 percent.

Insemination Fee for Frozen Semen

For sold frozen semen (TG), the TG insemination fee is due for each individual insemination dose of the respective stallion. Stud fee splitting does not apply. Before semen is shipped, the insemination fee for frozen semen must be credited to our bank account at the

Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg
IBAN number: DE 96 2805 0100 0001 916402

Not included in the insemination fee for frozen semen are the costs for shipping the semen and the veterinary certificate. These costs will be charged separately to the client (return transport is to be paid for and organized by the client.

Frozen semen must be ordered far enough in advance so that the order can be processed. The insemination fee for frozen semen invoiced and payment received on our bank account before delivery can be made. A container for shipment must be provided by the client and must arrive at the DLZ in due time. The shipment is carried out by a courier service and will be invoiced separately.

Please ask our office for the special conditions. Frozen semen is intended for use in artificial insemination only. The use of the semen for e.g. embryo transfer or ICSI is only possible after prior consultation. For legal reasons, it is only possible to send frozen semen for insemination to approved insemination stations, semen depots and veterinary clinics.

The resale of frozen semen to third parties as well as the splitting of portions is prohibited. Only one breeding certificate will be issued per portion sold. Violations will be prosecuted.

The insemination fee is due in any case, there is no right to credit in case of non-pregnancy. In case of re-orders for the same mare, a discount of 100 Euro on the respective insemination tax will be granted.

If a mare that was not registered in advance is deemed to be covered at the end of the season, a double charge (200%) must be paid for the mare in question. This regulation is also valid for the embryo transfer procedure.

In General

If a stallion should become unavailable after the first fresh semen delivery on short notice during the breeding season for special reasons (shows, illness, etc.), frozen semen can be used in individual cases after consultation, if possible, or another stallion of the station can be used. There is no entitlement to this, see also the relevant paragraphs on "stud fee for fresh semen deliveries". There is no entitlement to a refund of the insemination fee. However, it will be credited in full to the total stud fee of the new stallion.

If for any reason a change of stallion is made by the breeder, no fee will be charged for this. The amount of the in-foal fee always refers to the last stallion used.

For the stabling of mares we cooperate with the station of Dr. Ute Vaske in Lastrup. The mares are accommodated there in good boxes with pasture possibility. The costs for the accommodation of the mares and veterinary care will be invoiced by Dr. Ute Vaske directly to the breeder. The stabling is at the owner's risk. The DLZ does not assume any liability in connection with the accommodation.

Health Services and Breeding Hygiene

The owner of the mare or horse agrees that an equine veterinarian (station veterinarian) can be called if the stallion owner justifiably considers this to be expedient. These costs will be invoiced separately to the owner of the horse by the veterinarian. If he does not consider the assignment of the veterinarian to be appropriate, the burden of proof shall be on him.

With the exception of maiden mares, a cervical culture is required for all mares not in foal. These may not be older than three weeks.


The DLZ is only liable for damage caused by willful or gross negligence on his part or the part of his employees or assistants. This liability limit includes all damage that could arise while the mare is boarded and when the mares are brought to the stallions.

The DLZ will not be liable for damage caused by third parties.

To cover the risks that arise from the owner's liability for keeping animals according to German legislation (§ 833, 834 of the German Civil Code [BGB]), the owner must take out liability insurance of an appropriate and customary amount and provide evidence of this on request.

Place of Performance and Venue

The place of performance and venue for present or future claims arising from this business transaction is Lodbergen.

Applicable Law

All contracts shall be governed by German law.

Lodbergen, January 2022
Managing Director Dressurpferde Leistungszentrum Lodbergen GmbH

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