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18. January 2018

Hengstschau des Dressurpferde Leistungszentrums Lodbergen (gemeinsam mit Gestüt Bonhomme und Gestüt Nymphenburg) in der Auktionshalle Vechta. Karte...

17. January 2018

Ankum: For Arno Vierter Mit einer sehr schönen Runde konnte sich unser For Romance I OLD-Sohn an vierter Stelle einer Dressurpferdeprüfung platzie...

16. January 2018

Sensations erstes Stutfohlen vom 14.Januar 2018

15. January 2018

München-Riem: Körkandidat von Dante Weltino OLD Der Junghengst Dante's Stern von Dante Weltino OLD steht im Lot der Süddeutschen Hengsttage 2018. ...

13. January 2018

Herning/DEN: Nachkommen unserer Hengste zugelassen Für die Dänische Körung in Herning erhielten Dante River Carrus und Straight Horse Sir Romance di...

Terms and Conditions

EU Stallion Station of the Dressurpferde Leistungszentrum Lodbergen GmbH, abbreviated DLZ (D-KBP 101 EWG)

All mare owners who have booked the stallions listed for insemination in the 2017 Stallion Catalogue or on the DLZ website accept the following Terms & Conditions for all present and future business transactions. Otherwise, the Terms & Conditions for Breeding/Insemination issued by the Oldenburg Verband apply:

Duration of the Breeding Season
The breeding seasons begins on February 1st, 2017 and ends August 1st, 2017

Ordering Semen
Please order semen by phone, by form or by fax by 10:00 a.m. at the latest!
Telephone 0049-5432-595946-0, Fax 0049-5432-595946-99,

When ordering semen, the following information must be given:

  • Desired stallion
  • Name and complete address and telephone number(s) of the mare owner
  • Exact shipping address if the address deviates from the address of the mare owner
  • Information concerning the mare ( Name/Life Number/copy of pedigree/age)
  • The delivered semen may only be used exclusively for the mare registered!
  • Your member number at the Verband the breeding is to be registered
  • Veterinarian, with complete address

Breeding Certificates [Deckscheine]
Please hand in breeding certificates at the beginning of the breeding season.

Stud fee splitting rule for deliveries of fresh semen by our stallions
The EU Insemination Station Lodbergen has introduced a breeder-friendly stud fee splitting rule, i.e. instead of the entire amount of the stud fee and various credit options if the mare is not in foal, the following system which is divided in two parts applies as of immediately.

  1. When ordering fresh semen from each of our stallions, the insemination fee applies for the entire duration of the breeding season and must be paid by all breeders. This fee covers the expense of collecting and preparing fresh semen as well as a percentage of costs for marketing and administration. There are no rights to credit or discounts for the insemination fee. The insemination fee is due at the first insemination of your mare. Not included in the insemination fee are expenses for EU certificates, the shipment of semen, veterinary charges or costs for boarding.
  2. The second half of the current stud fee, the so-called "foal fee" is due only after it has been proved that the mare is in foal. The deciding factor is the mare being in foal on the 60th day after the last insemination. Proof that the mare is not in foal must be provided without being requested to do so by the breeder in the form of written confirmation by the treating veterinarian sent to Dressurpferde Leistungszentrum Lodbergen GmbH by October 1, 2013 at the latest. If a veterinary certificate confirming that the mare is not in foal issued by the 60th day as a maximum has not been presented within 14 days after issue, the foal fee will be automatically due. This also applies if it is determined later that the mare is not in foal.
  3. In the case of embryo transfer, the full stud fee will be due for each embryo successfully implanted. If embryo transfer is planned, please let us know in time.
  4. Breeders have no right to more than one dose per oestrous cycle on principle.
  5. Semen shipped abroad must always be paid in advance!

Neither a breeding certificate will be issued nor will the breeding/insemination be registered with the respective breeding Verband if we have received confirmation that the mare is not in foal.

Insemination Fee for Frozen Semen
For those stallions we offer which are available through frozen semen, there is an insemination fee for frozen semen, i.e. this is an insemination fee for a single insemination with frozen semen of the respective stallion. Before semen is shipped, the insemination fee for frozen semen must be credited to our bank account at the Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg, Account No. 1916402, Bank Code 280 501 00 (IBAN number DE 96 2805 0100 0001 916402, BIC: BRLADE21LZO). Not included in the insemination fee for frozen semen are the costs for shipment of the frozen semen and the veterinary certificate. An additional 65 Euros will be charged for shipment and, if applicable, 75 Euros for the veterinary certificate.
Frozen semen must be ordered far enough in advance so that the order can be processed, the insemination fee for frozen semen invoiced and payment received on our bank account before delivery can be made.
The person who orders the frozen semen must provide a container for shipment which must be sent to our address in time. Shipment will be made by courier and the costs invoiced to the ordering party separately.
For legal reasons, it is only possible to send frozen semen for insemination to recognized equestrian insemination stations or veterinary clinics.
The insemination fee for frozen semen is due in any case; there is no right to credit if the mare does not come in foal. When reordering for the same mare, a discount of 100 Euros for the respective frozen semen insemination fee will be given.
It is prohibited to resell frozen semen on principle.

In General
If a stallion should become unavailable on short notice during the breeding season for special reasons (shows, illness, etc.), frozen semen can be used, if available, or the breeder can utilize another stallion at the station if he/she desires. The insemination fee will not be refunded. However, it will be credited in the full amount paid to the entire breeding fee for the new stallion used.
If for some reason the stallion is changed by the breeder, no extra charge will be made for changing the stallion. However, if the newly selected stallion is more expensive, the difference must be paid. If the stallion selected is less expensive, the breeder has no right to reimbursement of the difference in the amount.
Dr. Ute Vaske's station in Lastrup is available for boarding mares. Here the mares have generous stalls and the possibility of pastures. The charges for boarding mares and veterinary services will be invoiced by Dr. Ute Vaske directly to the breeder. The daily rate for boarding mares with or without foals is 10 Euros. Mares and foals are boarded at the risk of the owner.

Health Services and Breeding Hygiene
The owner of the mare or horse agrees that if required an equine veterinarian (station veterinarian) may be called in at his/her expense if deemed necessary by the stallion owner. These costs will be invoiced separately to the owner of the horse by the veterinarian.
With the exception of maiden mares, a cervical culture is required for all mares not in foal.

The stallion owner is only liable for damage caused by willful or gross negligence on his part or the part of his employees or assistants. This liability limit includes all damage that could arise while the mare is boarded and when the mares are brought to the stallions.
The stallion owner will not be liable for damage caused by third parties.
To cover the risks that arise from the owner's liability for keeping animals according to German legislation (§ 833, 834 of the German Civil Code [BGB]), the owner must have animal liability insurance.

Applicable Law
Any agreement governed by German law.

Place of Performance and Venue
The place of performance and venue for present or future claims arising from this business transaction is Lodbergen.

Lodbergen, January 2017

Urs Schweizer, Managing Director of Dressurpferde Leistungszentrum Lodbergen GmbH



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